I want to become an inventor when I grow up!

I made this conclusion as early as I can remember. From age 5, my sketchbooks were filled with every wacky gadget, from multifunctional antenna laden brick phones to super top secret spy vehicles (so embarrassing). Many years later I found myself stuck and wondering: How on earth do I turn…

I spent the past 2.5 years building Brainfood. My design foundation was a strength but also came with blind spots.

If you’re a designer, you’re already equipped with some of the most critical tools for building a company. You know how to build a damn good product. You understand the importance of customer discovery, talking to users, and the role it plays in the pursuit of product-market fit.

These advantages…

Time (or lack thereof) is the most powerful constraint.

Caffeine is the true hero that keeps startups alive and chugging along

Time and capital are your two greatest constraints

At the inception of building a company, I’d argue that time is the more critical of the two.

Constraints are the most powerful tool for keeping you disciplined, accountable, and maintaining forward momentum. If you feel like you’ve just struck gold with a startup idea, your first instinct might be…

What we did, and a playbook for how you can do the same.

Illustrated brain tree growing from head for Brainfood.

If you have a product idea, stop sitting around and start executing

I bet you can get the ball rolling this very weekend and start validating (or invalidating) your idea, begin capturing interested customers, and even start testing willingness to pay.

At the onset of building Brainfood, we moved very quickly. Once the value proposition was hammered out, we doubled down on…

I strongly believe that you should invest in any tool needed to do your best quality work. Tools should blend into the background, empowering you to breathe life into the brilliant ideas swirling around in your head.

It goes without saying that a craftsman never blames his tools, so first…

Syed Hemu Rahman

Designer, founder @Brainfood, coffee nerd, and tiny van dweller www.shapingelements.com

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